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Order any fish on Fridays in January and get FREE fries

free fries with fish in January promotional graphic

We're kicking off 2024 with a fantastic offer that will make your taste buds swim with joy. Every Friday in January, get a free order of fries when you order any of our fish. The offer is good with both Regular and Large sizes of our fish.

Not familiar with our fish menu? Read on...

whitefish chips

Whitefish Chips. A Lawrence’s staple on our menu since the beginning! We start with wild-caught Alaskan Pollock fillets, slice them into bite-sized pieces, bread them in-house and cook them to order.

catfish strips

Catfish Strips. Farm-raised but full lake-flavor catfish ;) Coated with a homemade cornmeal breading. These big, meaty strips are a fan fave.

ocean perch

Ocean Perch. Mild, sweet and lean fillets of Ocean Perch prepared in-house daily.

crunchy cod

Crunchy Cod. Sustainably sourced Atlantic cod fillet nuggets in a light, slightly sweet breading.

whole catfish

Whole Catfish. Another fan favorite. Join the catfish cult with our whole, bone-in, headless, breaded and fried catfish, prepared fresh daily.

This offer is not available on 3rd Party Delivery sites, however, you can get 'Delivery by Doordash' for a flat fee when you order directly from us at

When you order online, you can choose to pickup right away or schedule for later. As always, you can also call in your order or stop in. Visit any of our four locations:

Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp locations

Get all full orders of shrimp for just $15

National Fried Shrimp Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Once again, we’re celebrating #NationalFriedShrimpDay. Enjoy full orders of ALL shrimp for $15 on Thursday, Dec. 21.

That's your choice of:





All of our shrimp is freshly prepared in-house using family recipes for brining and breading. Visit any of our four locations to take advantage of this deal.

Schedule your order now⚡

#NationalFriedShrimpDay is the perfect day to try online ordering if you haven’t already. Click below then select Thu, 12/21 to see the shrimp specials. This pricing is not available on 3rd Party Delivery but you can choose to get delivery through us for a flat fee of $7.50.

Did you know?

'Full' refers to 1 full pound. We weigh 1 full pound of shrimp on a scale before cooking it. This practice of weighing seafood used to be common practice among fish and shrimp houses that dotted the Chicago River when we first opened in the 50s. Many fish houses have since closed down and many no longer weigh their portions, but we've kept the practice alive. Since Large shrimp vary slighty in size, it's the best way to ensure you're getting your money's worth of shrimp.

Check out this order sheet from the early days of our restaurant showing more clearly how seafood was sold by half and full pounds.

historical order sheet

Now through Sunday get $15 off our already discounted meal pack

Did you have a nice time with friends and family? Great! Now come see us 😊 Today through Sunday take an additional $15 off our already discounted Family Feast. That’s 1lb EACH of our famous large Shrimp, Whitefish Chips and Chicken Tenders, plus 2 orders of fries and coleslaw for just $40 (regular price of all items 👉 $60+).

This offer is available when you order direct from us in our restaurants or online at, discount code THX. When you order online, you can pick it up right away or schedule for later.

We hope to see you soon!


your fish house family

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