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plant-based shrimp

Created and produced in Chicago, Shock ‘N Shrimp™ is 100% plant-based breaded shrimp that looks and tastes like the real thing

When Sah and Andrea Jackson set out to start a plant-based food company five years ago, Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp was on their mind. The husband-wife duo thought they would have a winner if they could make a plant-based shrimp that looked and tasted like Lawrence’s beloved seafood. They achieved such a remarkable resemblance the name of their new food was inherent – Shock ‘N Shrimp, it’s shockingly delicious. Through events, direct-to-consumer sales and restaurant partnerships, they quickly amassed a large fan base and even inked a distribution deal with Mariano’s. Now the cksons get to see their food served alongside the very shrimp they were inspired by.

“We want to bridge the gap between those who are newly vegan, curious or just looking for healthier options in their diet,” said Good2Go Veggie Founder Andrea Jackson. ‘Having Shock ‘N Shrimp available at such a prolific Chicago-land restaurant will make plant-based food accessible to so many people.”

Shock ‘N Shrimp is made from the root vegetable Konjac, a starchy tuber-like plant rich in fiber. It contains no soy, no nuts, no dairy and no GMO products.

“We don’t make menu changes often but Shock ‘N Shrimp was too good to ignore,” said Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp Director of Marketing Kelley Whalen. “Even skeptics and meat-eaters on our team were impressed.”

Shock ‘N Shrimp will be available at all four Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp locations starting Thursday, July 18. Guests may buy a Half or Full size priced at $11.99 and $22.99 when ordering directly from Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp (prices will be higher on 3rd party delivery services due to fees). Every Monday Shock ‘N Shrimp will be featured as a #meatlessmonday daily special and a Half size will be discounted to $9.99.

“This is a big win for the plant-based community,” said Tamika Price, a vegan content creator. “Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp is iconic so making a plant-based version of their shrimp available is a big deal.”


Good2Go Veggie was founded in 2019 by Sah and Andrea Jackson. The family-owned business is based in Chicago and quickly taking over the plant-based market with fan-favorite items such as Shock ‘N Shrimp, Blaz ‘N Bacon and Chunky Chili. Given the importance of sampling their food and supporting and propagating the plant-based lifestyle, Good2Go Veggie also creates and organizes large-scale events.


Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp is a family-owned and operated restaurant group. It has been in operation since 1950 when founder Lawrence Schweig opened a tiny storefront at the exact location of where the Canal Street restaurant sits today. Local and national media often recognize the restaurant as a must-visit for great fried seafood and friendly service. Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp now has four locations and serves nearly 1,000 guests each day.


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