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This is a message for current Lawrence's employees, it was also sent to your email Fri, July 21

Good afternoon Team Lawrence’s!

We have some room in the budget to give out an additional bonus, I want to put the power in everyone’s hands to recognize and reward great performance.

Every single employee is invited to nominate 2 of their fellow employees at any level for a bonus. Please base your recommendation on their Performance at work. This includes everything from a positive attitude, excellent guest service, consistent attendance, collaborative teamwork, humble leadership, and/or skill frying beautifully golden brown shrimp. Try to consider their contributions for the past year, not just recent history.

Your 1st nomination will receive $200, your 2nd will receive $100. This is over $20,000 that could end up in all of your pockets! I reserve the right to sanity check nominations based on assessments and reprimands. Please do this privately and I strongly advise against “I’ll nominate you if you nominate me” behavior. This is separate from
 the current quarterly bonus that runs through September.

Send your TWO nominations to me at and include a note as to WHY you chose them. If you need to, you can text your nominations to me at 630-297-9846.

Deadline: July 31st, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to recognize and support your colleagues!

Dan G

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